Examples of Inspirational Page Layouts

I want my magazine layout to be legible, but mostly readable. I would like it to attract readers by using a striking photo of my subject, and then have the text legible and simply placed surrounding it. Here are examples of what I am imagining.

vogue-1 magazine-layout


Possible Color Palettes


The first color palette juxtaposes warm and cool colors, which draws attention. However, the color palette is not overwhelming or distracting from the information. The second palette may be slightly more overwhelming, but really draws in attention. It is bright and exciting, like fire.

Magazine: Name and Description

The story covering the comeback of the chubby cuppycake boy will be published in “The Skinny”. “The Skinny” is a magazine aptly titled for its intel into the lives of celebrities of any caliber. This magazine is similar to publications like “TMZ” and “The Star”.